Candy Delights

Posted on Aug 18 2017 - 2:08pm by Ashley Rey

I love that 90’s supermodel look. Undone, but super luxe. The full makeup but ripped jeans, a white shirt and statement gold jewellery are essential. This is my homage to that look. Sadly I don’t have the supermodel looks but I can wear the outfit! The perfect statement jewellery pared with a white shirt are these Fabergé emotion pieces. The multi coloured stones are so fun and work with so many casual outfits. When Fabergé showed me the collection I couldn’t get over how they looked better and better the more you put on. It makes them the perfect serial presents (you can stack them up over time, adding with each gift). Each bangle has its own personality and vibe. I love the more traditional Fabergé pieces and also the clean modern ones. Together you can choose them to represent your style, and nothing feeling more glamours than a fabulous stack of bangles.

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Candy Delights

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