Hot Mess: Emma Watson at The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Posted on May 3 2016 - 9:50pm by Alani Polan
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On paper, there’s no earthly reason why Emma Watson should look anything less than 100 at all times. She’s adorable, has a killer body, and so much grace and spunk that she can pull off almost anything. Anything but this:

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

I mean…where to even begin with this. This Osman ensemble is apparently inspired by a 1950s housewife who is half-dressed when company arrives early for the party and she’s still got her floral housecoat on. As a dress, this would’ve been cute, I guess. But the half-open coat/dress/whatever is just strange and the pants give the whole thing a too-casual vibe for such a luxe event. When Michelle Obama is in the room, you bring the heat, Emma. You do not show up in pants of any kind.

I don’t even like her Loubs, which are way too high for her to walk in, I suspect. I’m also disliking the slicked back hair, a far too masculine choice for the floral dress. Sadly, this isn’t the first time EW has disappointed me with her attempt at making red carpet pants a thing. Remember this? Oh I do.

But at least Emma was one of the few celebs who actually belonged at the dinner–she’s such a politically involved young lady, and I do admire her push for women’s rights and equal pay. Kendall Jenner, what exactly have you done to better the world and earn an invite?

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