Basic Accessories Every 20-Something Should Have

Posted on Feb 29 2016 - 2:00pm by Ashley Rey

Basic Accessories Every 20-Something Should Have fashion, they say there are three types of people: those who keeps accessories at minimal, and those who excessorize. And then there are those “in between”. Whoever you are in the three, a girl’s gotta have her accessories. For some reason of sorts. Well, this isn’t  about why or why not you should have your own set of accessories. (‘Cause you gotta have some!) This is a list of what you should AT LEAST have. For reasons such as One, once in your life, you’re bound to go to a formal event. Two, accessories, even the most basic ones, add up spunk to a rather dull look. And three, cause you just have to. So without further ado, we’ve rounded up exactly what you need to achieve a well-rounded accessory wardrobe, Here’s a list of must-have accessories that you should have.   Simple Studs   This is what you can also call as your everyday earrings. Stud earrings are so versatile that it’s the safest accessory you can wear from day to night. And also, this is the simplest that you can go. But what’s great is that there are a lot of interesting stud earrings available out there.  Just like this one: So grab a pair or twenty!   Statement Earrings   Once you’ve learned to appreciate the power and beauty that a simple pair of stud earrings can do, you can now move on to getting your pair of statement earrings. Statement earrings are here for you to well, make a statement. It helps you up your fashion game for like 10x over. You may be wearing a simple tank top and a colored skirt but with a pair of these beauties, your style can definitely go from casual to clubbing effortlessly.   Timeless Watch   I don’t think I still need to discuss the full function of a watch as it basically tells time. You may think, why must I dwell so much on what watch should I buy if I already have my phone to tell time? Well, first, watches’ battery lasts longer than 24 hours so it’s more practical. Second, aside from its practical use, it can also add up some spunk to your look. So go get yourself a nice watch that could basically go well with any outfit of your choice.   Pendant Necklace   Just like earrings, pendant necklaces, no matter how simple or grand it may be, can definitely add personality to your outfit. Going for an off shoulder outfit? Highlight your neck by wearing a simple pendant necklace. This simple accessory can instantly make your outfit go from bare to yey.   Never ever have a dull outfit again with these accessories. We guarantee an instant outfit upgrade with these accessories.
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Basic Accessories Every 20-Something Should Have

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