Kris Jenner Forces Overwhelmed Khloe Kardashian To Work Despite Breakdown On ‘KUWTK’

Posted on Jan 25 2016 - 10:28am by Alani Polan

Khloe Kardashian suffered a breakdown because of her hectic work schedule on this week’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but that didn’t stop Kris Jenner from continuing to cash in at her daughter’s expense!

From working on her book Strong Looks Better Naked to promoting her app and clothing line, Khloe, 31, began to feel “a ton of pressure.”

“I am beyond livid with my mom because she overbooked me,” Khloe complained of Kris, 60. “On top of everything that I’m doing I have to finish editing my book before the release date. I have no time to do anything.”

When Khloe revealed that she’s “spreading [herself] too thin” with all of her projects, the momager urged her daughter to continue working regardless of her stress.

“You agreed this was a good idea,” Kris said of her daughter signing off on each project.

Khloe fired back, “You’re a f—king liar! What’s more important than your daughter’s sanity?”

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Kris then explained how she feels bad Khloe is overwhelmed, and agreed to not add anything else to her plate.

After Kim Kardashian advised Khloe to live the “mind, body, soul” message she’s sending to her readers through her book, she was able to overcome her stress and finish writing.

“I started getting so consumed with all of the negatives in my life and I was looking at things the negative way,” she explained. “Once I refocused myself, I finally finished my book. I’m getting back into the positive mind, body, soul.”

Also on the episode, Kourtney Kardashian took over the planning for Kylie Jenner’s housewarming party, but the only problem was Kylie never asked for her help!

“I want to plan this by myself,” Kylie, 18, said in her confessional. “It is really sweet that Kourtney and my mom want to help me with this party, but I’m 18. I want it to be how I want it to be and throw my own housewarming party on my own.”

But from extravagant decorations to the lavish menu, the mother-of-three refused to back down.

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“I don’t know how many times I have to say I’m grown now,” Kylie fired. “I could handle this on my own!”

The drama forced Kylie to consider cancelling her bash. But when her father Caitlyn Jenner, 66, encouraged her to “do exactly what you want to do,” she went ahead with the planning on her own.

“I wanted this one to be all me and not worry about other opinions,” she said of the simplistic get-together with only her mother and sisters. “Hopefully they enjoy themselves and think I am a good hostess.”

And they did, as Kourtney agreed to “back off” and let Kylie “take charge of her own house.”

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But Kylie not wanting Kourtney’s help was the least of her problems, as Kris and Kim, 35, broke the news that Khloe talked her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, 32, out of a possible suicide attempt.

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“He said he missed you and had no reason to live,” Kris explained of the phone call, which occurred on last week’s episode.

Although Kourtney seemed concerned at first, Kim revealed how Scott got drunk during a club appearance soon after the phone call.

“I think Scott put himself in the situation he’s in with his actions,” Kourtney said in her confessional. “I just need to live because I’m not just making decisions for me, but for my three children. It’s really about him deciding what kind of life he wants to live.”

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