How To Style: Sparkly Outfits

Posted on Jan 6 2016 - 2:00pm by Ashley Rey

How To Style: Sparkly Outfits We know it has been a yearly struggle to tell yourself that for every new year, you’ll dare yourself to finally be brave enough to wear something sequined in one of your parties, only to find yourself too intimidated or shy to wear it on the actual night. We know, we feel you. But that shouldn’t stop you from wearing that smashing sparkly outfit you’ve been eyeing on for ages.  While some may say that sparkly outfits tend to be tacky, it actually just boils down to styling.  We’ve narrowed down great style tips that you can actually do once you decide on wearing that gorgeous sparkly outfit you’ve been dreaming of wearing. Don’t worry, we promise you won’t look like you’re going to a Vegas bachelorette party. Image via Getty Images Take advantage of the loose clothing trend that’s been going on for quite some time. Pick a flowy sparkly dress to somehow downplay the look. You may also opt to so look for pieces cut with longer hemlines and are farther away from the body. Body hugging sparkly dresses may look too clubby.    Image via Pinterest Pair off your sparkly top with something that contrasts us. A bottom piece with a softer fabric will downplay its design. You can also wear a sparkly dress with a denim or leather jacket to pull off a casual but smart style.   Image via Getty Images  Among all colors that you can go for with a sparkly outfit, the safest but still daring color to go for would be silver. It’s both neutral and versatile. You can opt to wear pink shoes or a red belt with your silver outfit. To match your silver bottoms you can pair it with a top with shades of navy or red. Also make sure that the clothes fit well on the shoulders and you’re wearing the correct size.  Image via Pinterest  Make your sequined top look more casual by pairing it with denim, preferably dark bottoms. You can wear it with basic pumps or flats, depends on your mood. It can still look casual yet chic with either footwear you choose Image via Glam Radar  If you have a sparkle silver jacket or cardigan, make it casual and daytime-friendly by wearing it with a white top and white pants. Trust us, you’ll be an instant standout even at daytime. Image via Pinterest A sparkly outfit doesn’t require you to wear heels all the time. Make your metallic skirts appear more casual by pairing it with a casual white shirt, denim jacket and sneakers.   Ace your sparkly outfit style with these style tips. Do you also have style tips for sparkly outfits? Let us know!
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How To Style: Sparkly Outfits

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