Year in Review: Top 3 Models of 2015

Posted on Dec 28 2015 - 11:00am by Ashley Rey

 Top 3 Models of 2015

So who are the top 3 models of 2015? Read on to find out.
In the modelling industry, this lady is definitely on top. While some of the models are busy making headlines (due to their love lives and the like), this girl is busy ruling the fashion world. Anna earned the Model of the Year Award where she beat frontrunners Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. “The singular face that defined the year as a whole with ubiquitous industry demand and presence.” – to quote The industry experts: editors, photographers, and stylists gave the prestigious award to her. The blonde beauty may not be as popular as the others in terms of social media – but it doesn’t mean she is less than them. This lady who was discovered by top designer Alexander Wang has been on the cover of different international editions of Vogue nine times, YES, NINE – four of which were from this year. Her gorgeous fae also graced the pages of Harpers Bazaar. She has also been in every top designers fashion show and this year, she has been part of huge and prestigious campaigns – Alexander Wang and Chanel – to name a few. When it comes to modelling, this lady means business. We can’t wait to see more of this bombshell this 2016!  #YouGoGirl

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We can’t remember any event wherein Gigi Hadid wasn’t in it. She was definitely everywhere this 2015 – from Taylor Swift’s record-breaking music video Bad Blood to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – this beauty is in it! We can’t deny this lady’s beauty. She has been one of the most sought-after models this year – walking down the runway wearing the creations of some of the most popular designers. She has been booking every big designer’s fashion show like Versace and she even made it to the cover of Vogue Italia this year!  We have to say that we love, love, love that she finally walked down the Victoria’s Secret Runway and the story of how she auditioned for a couple of times before she get the job.Her amazing relationship with her celebrity mom is also something that adds in this supermodel’s charm! Also, we have to mention her very public love life. This girl is so gorgeous, we can’t blame them hot singers/celebrities for wanting to be with her. Oh, and she (together with her model best friend Kendall Jenner) are also one of the highest paid celebrities in social media. She’s part of the top 3 supers on social, earning $150 000 – $300 000 per Instagram post. This year has definitely been an amazing one for our girl. We are so, so excited to see more of Gigi Hadid in the coming year!

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From a reality tv show and being the sister of the famous Kim Kardashian West to one of the highest-paid supermodels in the worl – Kendall Jenner definitely proved that she is more than just a part of a controversial family. This may be Kendall’s biggest year yet in modelling. She have worked with famous desingers, walked her way to New York Fashion Week, produced their second collection for Topshop (together with her sister Kylie), and earned her wings as she walked down this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She is one of the most talked about hollywood celebrity and is becoming a fashion icon with her model-off-duty looks. Also, one of her photos is number one in the most liked Instagram photos of 2015.  She has definitel made a name for herself. Although we heard some of the models in the industry complains about this young lady’s attitude (we hope it’s not true thought!), we can’t deny that Kendall is one of the most bankable model of the year.

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Year in Review: Top 3 Models of 2015

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